Herbicide Injection into Rhizomes of Non-Native Phragmites (Phragmites australis) to Begin in Late Summer and Fall on Department of Transportation Right-of-Ways

We will start some trials later this summer and autumn in which we inject herbicide into the rhizomes of non-native phragmites. These trials will mostly be done on Minnesota Department of Transportation right-of-ways. We will use the Green Shoots Rhizome Injector protoype. This is the same tool we are currently trialing on Japanese knotweed. The rhizome of phragmites is hollow like the knotweed rhizome. It also consists of internodes and nodes. A septum separates each internode. Although the phragmites stem and rhizome are a little smaller in diameter the the knotweed stem and rhizome, injection seems to work pretty well. Here are some photos showing views of the rhizome and the proposed technique.

Phragmites stand in Minnesota Department of Transportation right-of-way.

Injection into phragmites rhizome through hollow stem.

Phragmites stem through which rhizome was injected.

Length-wise cross-section of phragmites rhizome. Note septum separating each internode.

Length-wise cross-section of phragmites rhizome showing how needle of injector could be inserted.

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