About Green Shoots

Green Shoots News has information about our company, Green Shoots.  Green Shoots develops and offers products that help people control invasive plants.  Our Green Shoots Foam Herbicide Technology allows you to apply foam herbicide with pinpoint precision.  This accuracy increases success, saves money and most importantly protects you and the environment.


  1. Cheryl Fayson

    I have visited many sites today trying to learn how to kill the tree of heaven. I was sent to your site first for your foam system,
    but I am a little hesitant about your product because you say nothing about the active ingredients. It was suggested that you use triclopyr, imazapyr or dicamba,. Can you name the active ingredient of your product? Otherwise my husband will not allow me to order it.
    Thanks for your assistance,
    Cheryl Fayson

    • johnlampe

      The primary herbicide we sell on the Green Shoots website contains the active ingredient glyphosate. If you look at the section on herbicides, every product we sell lists the active ingredient and the percentage. Thanks for the question, Cheryl!

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