This is what our customers are saying about our Green Shoots Foam Herbicide Dispensers:

It’s a dream! I’m using a hundredth of the amount of RoundUp I previously used and it works beautifully in all tight spaces.  The large foam dispenser will replace the Sure Shot cans I’ve been using.

Dave L., Massachusetts

Yes, we bought 8 from you last year and used them all season long. My guys LOVED them and we began using them exclusively instead of our usual spray bottles when we were using glyphosate. We used a lot less herbicide with them and found them easy to carry on the hiking trails.

Linda R., New Jersey

You asked me to tell you how it did this season in my flower beds (that were heavily filled with Canada Thistle that I could never get control over with hand-weeding): it worked. For the first time since we have lived in this house (9 years) there is NO Canada Thistle growing and crowding out my flowers. It took hours to foam the growing tips of the hundreds of thistles but it only had to be done once, and then spot-foam the stragglers that were missed the first time as they appeared. At the end of the season now and no thistles.
This is a great product and needs to be marketed more. I only found out about it by looking for help with the thistle on YouTube after exhausting everything else. In a dense flower bed spraying for weeds is not an option. The foam method is perfect for this kind of weed situation and uses only enough herbicide to do the job. . . .  It is a good product and delivery system. It has advantages that are absent with other weed-killing methods. If I knew this existed years ago my thistle problem would have been solved already.

Elizabeth L., Ohio

I like the colored foam! I used the regular kind to attack the Tree of Heaven infestation in my yard last year, and it did a great job of keeping the small ones from re-sprouting.

Ethan C., Utah

The product is great. >50% of the value is in your Youtube videos. You just have to find a way to get people to watch.

Chris S., California

It’s worked extremely well so far on the chameleon plant. labor intensive (we apply it to each plant after cutting it off) but totally worth it.

Stacie C., Virginia.

One comment

  1. Grace Nowak

    If you have weeds like thistle, I would not even think twice about buying this herbicide. It took a week to two for the weeds to wilt but boy, does it work. Shipping was super fast. I am very, very happy with this company. They even gave me a free foam bottle because I made a mistake with my order. Not their fault, but they were nice enough to give me a free gift. I will definitely order from them again.

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