Using the Green Shoots Precision Foam Herbicide Dispenser to Control Common Lawn Weeds Like Exotic or Invasive Thistles

Application of Herbicide Foam to Bull Thistle Rosette

Dead Bull Thistle 8 Day after Foam Herbicide Application

Small Green Shoots Foam Herbicide Dispenser

These are shots from a video: Killing Invasive Bull Thistle (link).We are using the Green Shoots small foam herbicide dispenser (link) to make this precision application on a bull thistle rosette (Cirsium vulgare) . We are also using a non-selective herbicide, glyphosate, so if we had touched any grass with the foam herbicide the grass would have died too.  This shows just how pinpoint these applications can be.

To view general information on bull thistle and other biennial thistles, visit this webpage from Purdue University’s Botany Department.

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