Wild Things 2023 Conference – Booth and Presentation

Green Shoots operated a booth at the Wild Things 2023 conference in the Chicago area on February 25, 2023. Over 2,000 people attended the conference. There were 125 sessions. It was an excellent conference.

I also presented. The title of my talk was Kill Tough Weeds; Not Prized Plants! The talk had four key elements: first, how to target just the weed; second, how to keep the herbicide on the weed, third, how to enhance uptake by the weed; and, fourth, how to enhance translocation of the herbicide to the proper sink. The presentation weaves in lots of new research. For example, humidity is increasingly seen as necessary for good uptake of herbicide by weed foliage. Using foam herbicide can increase moisture on the leaf surface and thereby increase humidity because foam can take more than twice as long to dry as a spray.

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