New Stake Sharpener Added to Green Shoots Product Line

Instead of burning your woody invasive brush, turn it into stakes using this new tool. Use the stakes for field research, gardening, landscaping, etc.

I sharpen the stakes out in the field. The nice thing about this – you don’t need a vice to hold the stem. Just sharpen the stem while it’s still in the ground. Cut the weed-tree to the proper height, and then use the stake pointer to sharpen the top.

You will get a nicely sharpened stake like the one below. It’s just like a big pencil sharpener!

You can either leave the bark on the stakes:

Or you can remove the bark. (Presumably, the stake will last longer if the bark is removed.)

Check this product out at our web store.


  1. sean

    hi john,
    i’ve been trying to get rid of a large? plot of knotweed (75-100 plants) and i’ve dug down to some pretty substantial size roots. i was wondering if there was a root of stump killer i might be able to use on them? i watched a video of a gentleman making a little dam around a stump and put cotton balls soaked with glyphosate in the little dam-container. was wondering what your thoughts were on this. thanks very much for your time john. i appreciate it.

    • johnlampe

      Sean – We have 3 different videos on dealing with knotweed. Have you seen any of them? They provide guidance on dealing with large and small infestations.
      – Kill Invasive Japanese Knotweed with Herbicide in Late Fall or Winter when It’s Dormant

      -Control a Large Stand of Japanese Knotweed in 4 Phases

      -Knotweed Control: 3 Simple Steps for the Non-Professional

      Your infestation isn’t too big so i would follow the instructions for a small infestation.

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